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individual exercises for the beginner

early stage post-operative care exercises

workout routines for the experienced user

Hamstring, Middle and Lower Back Stretch (Seated)

Hamstring, Middle and Lower Back stretch positioned seated, performing a two stage stretch with each side

Abs and Lower Back (8x4)

Abdominal and Lower Back exercise program containing: Abdominal Cycling, Low Cable Row, Mountain Climb and Lateral Pull Down, performing 8 repetitions of each

Incline Hammer Curl

Incline Hammer Curl exercise to strengthen your biceps, performing 2 sets of 8 repetitions

Bicep and Tricep (8x4)

Bicep and Tricep exercise program containing: Hammer Curl, Bent-Over Tricep Extension, Pull Up and Overhead Tricep Extension, performing 8 repetitions of each

Plank Exercise

Plank exercise to strengthen your abdominals, performing 4 repetitions and holding each pose for 20 seconds

Chest and Upper Back (8x4)

Pectoral and Upper Back exercise program containing: Chest Fly, Bent-Over Barbell Row, Dumbbell Bench Press and Behind Head Pull Up, performing 8 repetitions of each

Rotator Cuff (Subscapularis Stretch)

Roator Cuff and Subscapularis stretch positioned standing, performing 4 stretches, 2 to each arm, holding each stretch for 5 seconds

Rotator Cuff (Infraspinatus)

Rotator Cuff and Infraspinatus stretch positioned standing, performing 2 stretches on each side, holding each stretch for 15 seconds

Quads and Hamstring (8x4)

Quadricep and Hamstring exercise program containing: Leg Press, Knee Lift, Leg Extension and Leg Curl, performing 8 repetitions of each

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