To make the most of your active imagery experience we recommend:

  1. You have read the advisory teaching points, to optimise your technique and performance
  2. You listen in a quiet room, where you will not be disturbed
  3. You turn off all outside distractions like T.V’s, radios and telephones
  4. You listen in a comfortable position either seated or lying down
  5. You listen with headphones to help you focus and block out distracting sounds, especially at the beginning when you are less familiar with the imagery
  6. You close your eyes to immerse and centre yourself within your scene
  7. You are clear what you wish to achieve by listening to active imagery – to set your intention and imagine this happening
  8. Whilst listening imagine seeing yourself performing the activities, as if watching yourself in mirror or on the TV screen
  9. To feel and imagine what it would be like to be in your body performing the exercises;
    a)Aim to imagine the tension in your body as your muscles relax and contract
    b)Aim to imagine the positive outcomes of your experience
    c)The sensations you may imagine within your body, when you work your muscles
    d)To hear the sound of your breathing
  10. Relax and listen. Do not worry if initially you find yourself distracted with other thoughts. Imagery takes practise and the skill is quickly mastered with repetitive use
  11. Try to schedule in daily time to listen to active imagery. To make listening a habit you need continuous commitment and desire to make this a regular part of your day
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