What is active imagery?

Active imagery is a new relaxation and learning technique synergising the benefits of guided imagery in healthcare with exercise imagery in neuroscience and physical activity to improve responses to medical treatment… Read more

What is guided imagery in healthcare?

Guided imagery is the use of a focused mental message to create an intended physical reaction. “Guided imagery, is when the mind is encouraged to focus on a purely internal perception of a multi-sensory event (which may or may not be an actual experience), so that with practice, the body can perceive this as an actual experience – with the intention that the body and mind’s innate healing wisdom can be brought into more conscious awareness” Sandy Jost, Ph.D... Read more

Can I benefit from active imagery?

The good news is YES, anyone can benefit from listening to active imagery on a regular basis. The tracks are easy to follow and listen to, allowing you to quickly immerse yourself in the imagery. The ‘activate’ and ‘regenerate’ programmes are delivered in real time, so when you are physically able perform the exercises, you can follow the detailed guidelines to ensure you are correctly positioned and getting the most out of your exercise routine. Here is a simple example of how effective imagery is on the mind-body… Imagine biting into a lemon....

How do I get the most out of active imagery?

Like any skill its practise, practise, practise and the more you practise the more proficient your mind and body will become at slipping into the imagery. We have written a number of recommendation to help you along the way... Read more

Should I be using the Activate, Regenerate or the Accelerate products?

Depending on your circumstances you may find yourself listening to products from either one, two or all three categories. Let us differentiate between the three.
  • Activate products are individual muscle exercises for the beginner, the exercises are simple and easy to follow with detailed positioning.
  • Regenerate products are early stage post operative care exercises, commonly used by physiotherapists to aid healing and optimise your return to health and mobility.
  • Accelerate products are workout routines for the experienced user. They are designed for someone is familiar with the names of exercise and the correct way they should be performed.

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