buy modafinil paypal Disclaimer

The information on this website is to instruct readers and listeners in the benefits of Active Imagery. It is not a replacement for traditional healthcare, medical diagnosis or medical treatment.

Cautions and Counsel for anyone using Active Imagery

buy Lyrica in australia Don't Drive and Listen

Active Imagery should NOT, under any circumstances be used while driving or operating a vehicle or other equipment that requires attention and concentration.

Where there is history of psychotherapy, childhood trauma, seizures, neurological or neurorespiratory disease, consult your physician or therapist.

Active Imagery is intended only as a supplemental treatment to whatever procedures have been decided upon by you and your physician. It is in no way intended as a substitute for diagnosis and/or treatment performed by your entire medical team.

In Mind In Body disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use of their active imagery recordings.

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