thinking with your heart

It is often written that we are made in the image of God and my interpretation of this would be the purest of love, the highest vibrational energy. We are love, but we learn fear. Happiness lies within us but sometimes we struggle to feel it because it’s blocked by who we have become. Everything begins with a single thought. Thoughts can be described as either healthy or toxic, positive or negative. Given free will, we have choices and can choose to experience both worlds, love and fear. As we journey through life, we often find ourselves travelling down a particular path and find it difficult to re-route, even though we long to change direction.

The key to life, lies in our hearts. Our hearts will always tell us how we feel, acting as a barometer for our thoughts and actions. We can’t hide our thoughts; they aren’t harmless. Have you ever experienced kinesiology, asking your body a question? These are the same principles.

At a basic level, every thought has an emotional component, and you feel these emotions in your body. Thought plus emotion equates to your state of mind, your attitude which influences how you react, in what you say and do.The hypothalamus, situated in the brain is known as the body’s emotional centre. It responds to your state of mind, influencing the secretion of hormones into your body (endocrine system) as well as affecting your immune and autonomic nervous system.

Toxic thoughts activate the body’s stress (fight-flight) response, causing it to go into protection mode. If the cycle of these negative thoughts is not checked, then over time they can lead to the development of chronic illness/disease. The good news is we can control how these thoughts affect the brain.You can’t control your environment, the events or circumstances in your life but you can manage how you react to them and this has a direct impact on the health of your body and your life. If you change your perception, you can change your biology. You can become the master of your life, not an unwitting victim.

Recent decades have unearthed a gift, we all possess, a scientific concept known as neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to adapt and change in response to our thoughts. This means you can re-wire your brain, its function and architecture, with carefully chosen thoughts to create your new desired reality, self-directed neuroplasticity. A plastic paradox does exist, as this can work both ways with healthy or toxic thoughts, it comes down to a matter of choice.

In her book, Switch On Your Brain – The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health, Dr Caroline Leaf writes, “Every cell in your body is connected to your heart and because your heart responds to and is controlled by your brain, every cell in your body responds to your thoughts. Your heart is in constant communication with your brain and the rest of your body, checking the accuracy and integrity of your thought life. As you make a decision your heart pops in a quiet word of advice. It is well worth listening to this advice because when you listen to your heart, it secretes the ANF (atrial natriuretic factor) - a hormone produced by the heart that regulates blood pressure and can give you a feeling of peace.” This is why going in and asking your heart, how you feel about something is really helpful, in order to release and unblock limiting emotions, allowing you to move forward personally and professionally.

The concept of neuroplasticity demonstrates further why listening to active imagery (imagined movement) can have a profound effect on your biology. When you start listening and imagine yourself performing the exercises, you connect new neurons (brain cells) together. With repetitive listening, and the firing of the same signals in the same order of sequence, your brain releases BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which consolidates the connections between the neurons, to enhance faster thinking and better memory. Over a 21-day period the new memory becomes self-sustaining, hardwired. This way your mind can powerfully redesign your brain, to change your biology, when you intentionally direct your attention.

Eastern meditation and mindfulness techniques are similar, in that they direct thought patterns, shutting down the chaotic thinking and concentrating on individual thoughts, bring to attention body awareness and emotions and a sense of self, which alters the brain. However active imagery takes this ancient science to a new level, listening to the heart and helping people regain and stimulate healthy, active lifestyles.

Research continues to show that mental rehearsal also known as imagery or visualisation, produces the same changes in the brain as would physically performing the same imagined processes. The 1-2-1 work I do at In Mind In Body is bringing back a profound knowledge base that has been lost and is now being updated for the modern day world.

Why not give it go, after all… 

“Nothing they have imagined they could do would be impossible for them” Gen. 11:6 AMP

Tessa Guy


My thanks go Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Caroline Leaf and Bruce Lipton whose various works greatly assisted in the writing of this article and creating In Mind In Body Ltd.

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Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

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