metaphors to evoke change

cheap beer lyrics We’re all creatures of habit. By the time we’re 35 years old, 95% of who we are is running like a subconscious computer. We’re addicted to our attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and emotional reactions. Our brains are always busy ‘protecting’ our core beliefs.

When we are looking for change in our lives, metaphors, through imagery, can be a wonderful way to bypass resistance to an idea or a solution. We have internal ‘core beliefs’ which we think are keeping us ‘safe’, even if, in reality, they are making us ‘miserable’.

As children, we’re amazingly intuitive. As adults, we often disregard this intuitive information, by allowing our limiting core-beliefs to get in the way. Our self-sabotaging behaviour, can keep us up locked in ‘fear’ and almost ‘paraylsed’ in our present state of being, even if we are desperate for change. Core beliefs can be around almost any issue in life from being loved, loving, money, parenting, confidence… name it! All leading to stress and unexpected health issues.

We are often unaware of our core beliefs and are too busy protecting ourselves from the ‘real’ world to be able to perceive our reality differently. As part of my 1-2-1 active imagery training programme, I try to discover what these core beliefs may be, which are inhibiting you from moving forward, and look at ways to perceive this information differently. Drawing on my own intuition and the information you present to me, I create personalised imagery meditations for you, to help you receive new information, in a way that bypasses your core beliefs and opens up choices for you to consider. Re-opening your sleeping potential.

Here is an example, of a starter 6 minutes meditation I called ‘The Box’ – see if you recognise yourself in the imagery? Do you feel trapped in a position, fearful of change? Wanting to make a career move but giving yourself many reasons not to?

Like learning any new skill, imagery takes practice but it is a tool that is easily taught and is available to everyone. Why not use your imagination to unlock your potential? Want some help? Connect with me via contact us

Best wishes,


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