Tessa Guy

go to link Tess is the Founder, CEO and inspiration behind IMIB. Her passion for exercise led her to study physical education in the UK and US, completing her Masters degree at Washington State University. In 2010 her career in health and fitness was interrupted by serious illness. During this time the ideas behind IMIB were formed. Tess is dedicated to finding solutions to help and support people to stay happy, active and healthy.


Will Durkin

Will is a keen sportsman and joined IMIB in October 2015 as the Product Development Manager. He brings enthusiasm and innovation from the field of play into our products to inspire performance. You will hear his voice across the range of activate, regenerate and accelerate products empowering you to achieve your best.


Jan Alcoe

Jan is instrumental in guiding and shaping the development of the IMIB ‘Regenerate’ product family. She is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with her own practise (www.hypnotherapyforliving.co.uk) and has an extensive background in health and well-being as a publisher, writer and trainer. Jan has been an adviser to the British Holistic Medical Association and the Janki Foundation for Global Health Care.


Dr.Sandy Jost

Sandy has been an inspirational force behind the development of IMIB and continues to be a trusted advisor. Sandy is an educator in guided imagery certification training (www.healingimages.com) and noted author of the Cancer Involvement Program. Her research, resources and expertise in psychology and nutritional biochemistry have been invaluable.

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