buy tastylia online For the ten years, I trained with Tessa and greatly benefitted from her expertise and experience as a professional an empathic trainer. Over this period, I faced several health challenges, including a knee replacement and more particularly cancer. Tessa’s knowledge, understanding and ability to adapt to my changing needs, played a key role in maintaining my motivation and drive to keep exercising. It is only Tessa’s commitments to “In Mind In Body” grew, that she and I ceased training. I was extremely fortunate to benefit from listening to her earlier audio strength training products, when a year later I suffered heart and other problems, losing three stone in the process. My cardiologist informed me that my heart was too weak to allow me to physically train although my mind was keen to do so. During this rehabilitation period, listening to “active imagery” helped me to focus on my recovery and gain strength until I was able to return to he gym. They provided me with the vital support I needed at a very challenging time of life.

James Smillie - Retired owner of Stratstone Ltd

I’ve found Tessa’s active imagery programme enormously helpful and beneficial. After cancer and chemotherapy, I needed help to heal and whilst I knew the benefits to be gained from exercising, my muscles felt weak and I was very fatigued. I was in pain, feeling stressed and anxious. Listening to active imagery helped to calm me down. At the start, I listened and imagined myself exercising, then later, I felt I wanted to join in, so I began listening and physically performing the exercises too. The great thing now, is when I am out and about, I have the exercises in my mind and can call upon them at any time, whether I am travelling on a bus, train or waiting for an appointment. Tessa’s amazing and creative ability to intuit personalised meditations, helped to motivate me and encouraged self-belief. I wholeheartedly recommend the programme.

Nickie - Buckinghamshire.

I can thoroughly recommend the In Mind In Body 1-2-1 active imagery programme. Anyone who has experienced loss of strength from enforced inactivity or some kind of disability will find that if practiced regularly over time they will experience great benefit.

In my own case, I was diagnosed with a genetic form of Ataxia which substantially affects my balance. I fell and broke five ribs which resulted in an enforced period of rest, which left me very weak. As it is important for those with my condition to maintain strength in hips, legs and shoulders to prevent further falls, I embarked on the In Mind In Body programme. When I eventually secured an appointment with the neuro physiotherapist some five weeks later, she commented that she was quite surprised at how strong I was. I have now memorised the programme and can use it daily as a meditation.

Barbara - Berkshire.

I signed up to the In Mind In Body ‘active imagery’ programme because I wanted to get become more active, get fitter and walk the 2017 London Moonwalk faster. When I first started listening to the active imagery exercises, my mind use to get distracted but the more I persevered, the less distracted I became. I liked having the introductions to listen to, before the exercises began, as this gave me a few minutes to relax, get comfortable, ready to do the imagery. During the programme, I noticed I was sleeping better, I felt less anxious, and my mind was clearer. I particularly enjoyed the personalised meditations, which I listened to at home as well as when I was out walking, as they helped to motivate and push me forward. I was feeling fitter; my walking pace was faster and my energy levels up. I would recommend the programme to family and friends because I feel it will help to improve their fitness levels and overall health. Thank you, Tess. I smashed my Moonwalk record too!

Libby Horsman

I signed up for Tessa’s programme after hearing all about her work on Marlow FM radio. There was no hesitation. I knew immediately it was for me. From day one Tessa created a relaxed safe space in which I felt able to talk freely - about all the many and varied reasons why the program might not work that brilliantly for me! (Yes, I was giving myself excuses before I'd even started, all manner of negative self-talk, Dave!) Tessa listened long and carefully, offering no judgement or criticism. A couple of hours later, Tessa chose me a simple (8 mins/ day) programme that I was instantly (and surprisingly) drawn to; and delighted with. And, before the end of the first week, I found myself mysteriously drawn to pick up a couple of lightweight dumbbells to 'go through the motions' as well. Quite unlike me. After the second consultation Tessa came up with an ‘optional extra’ short meditation – featuring me ‘open water swimming’ up the Thames; only 5 minutes, but a delight to listen too. Later that week I (spontaneously) chose to play it to myself, in my parked car, just before a job interview… and I landed the job! Without me being able to fathom how or why, good things seemed to be flowing. I've had substantial benefit from two further meditations since. Both have hit the sweet spot. Both seem to have created options for me to chose to shift or at least to actively query my habitual (neural?) pathways: to get out of a rut, if I want to, and if so, because I want to. i.e. Full freedom. And self-authority. It's my belief that Tess has extraordinary gifts. First, to listen, (deep listening) and to see, and to feel the energy of the whole person she's working with. Shadow and all. Using full intuition. Next, she uses her powers of creativity and full-bodied whole-hearted imagination - to dream up something that fits the person. Like a glove. And finally, to create a short spoken ‘MP3’ that guides the person through a creative meditative outdoor 'exercise' routine - carefully crafted so it will magically excite the person on multiple levels. I love the way a calm (peaceful, zen-like) meditation can somehow meet up and mix with pumping iron (testosterone and adrenaline!) These were two worlds that I previously didn't think ever spoke!! I think this “muscular-zen” combination is a unique strength. Anyway I have no hesitation recommending that you book a trial session, whatever it is you are slightly stuck with, or whatever nuanced aspect of overall whole-hearted healthiness you desire more of. And I should add that I am now walking and cycling more, spending more time outdoors, and feeling much better about myself, my body, my life and my purpose in the world.

Dave Hampton

Although I’m a business trainer and teach people how to be positive and get things done, I struggle with that myself. And although I know many tactics and strategies for overcoming this, it’s still a considerable personal challenge. In fact, my naturopath, who helps me with my health once said to me “you’d be quite strong and healthy if you weren’t so negative!” Those who I train would be surprised to hear that because I can be strong and positive in a training session, but those who know me well would not be.

So I wasn’t expecting too much to come out of a first session with Tess. But I was wrong. She listened intently to my story. She seemed to have no judgement which encouraged me to be more open than I otherwise would have been. There were no direct suggestions or coaching from her, only sensitive questions, which helped me to view my present circumstances from a new perspective. I left the session somewhat encouraged.

Later that day I received a personal meditation which she had created for me. That was several weeks ago and since then I’ve had 2 more sessions and received 3 more meditations from her.

The effect of these on me has been interesting and subtle. Generally, I listen to the latest one first thing in the morning and maybe once again during the day. It calms me and I feel encouraged. Throughout the day my mind will occasionally revert to the ideas in the meditation.

The overall result is that my mind is shifting to be more positive. Because of that I’m doing more, and doing differently. I feel that I have more purpose and more direction. I do believe that I was ready to change and I also believe that Tess has been an important catalyst in helping me to do just that. If you feel that you’re ready to make a change but are having difficulty doing that, talk to Tess, she has a great gift to share with you.

Walter Blackburn - Founder – Presenting Success
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